9/19/16 - New Short Story by Chris!The Fleet 6: Crisis
The Georgie Desrick chronicles continue.  After the death of Captain Goodheart, Globin and the Khalian pirates of Barataria have only one goal: revenge.  From the 1991 anthology The Fleet 6: Crisis.

9/25/16 - Wizard and a Warlord ebook released! A Wizard and a Warlord ebook cover art
The ebook of the seventh Rogue Wizard novel is available, with a new introduction by Chris and new cover art by Ashley Cser!  Magnus lands on a planet with no government to overthrow, but a warlord who must be stopped.
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10/12/16 - New Warlock Fan Art!Ari the Crafter fan art by Hannah Shapero
Hannah "Pyracantha" Shapero drew this sketch of Ari the Crafter, creator of the music-rocks in The Warlock Rock.  If you notice a passing resemblance to Jerry Garcia, that's not entirely a coincidence.  You can see more of Pyracantha's work at her sketch blog.

10/26/16 - New Stort Story by Chris!Battlestation
Globin's Children (part 1 of 2):
More of the Georgie Desrick chronicles.  Forty years later, the Khalian pirates of Brataria have forged an uneasy peace with humanity... but when a new threat arrises from the galactic core, their tenuous alliance is put to the test.  From the 1992 anthology Battlestation.