11/4/16 - New Stort Story conclusion!Battlestation cover art
Globin's Children (part 2 of 2):
When Barataria's new mining colony on Sandworld is attacked by Ichtons and calls for help, it's a race against the clock to save them.  From the 1992 anthology Battlestation.

11/30/16 - St. Vidicon reference in Girl Genius?Zeetha the Resistor
In last Wednesday's installment of the popular steampunk web comic Girl Genius, the heroine desperately needs a resistor.  One of her entourage mentions a similar past event involving "Saint Valo", so the heroine hands the leads to another companion, whose body acts as a resistor and completes the circuit.  Sound familiar?  If it is an homage, I'm flattered!  (click here to read the comic)

12/09/16 - Wizard in the Way ebook released! A Wizard in the Way ebook cover art
The ebook version of the eighth Rogue Wizard novel has been released, with a new introduction by Chris and new cover art by Ashley Cser! 
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1/08/16 - New Feline Wizard ebook released! The Feline Wizard ebook cover art
Although previously available as an ebook, the rights recently reverted back to me, so we've re-released with more conent, a lower price, and new cover art my Ashley Cser!
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