7/5/21 - Merovence Map!Merovence Map by Ashley Cser
A map of the Merovence universe by Ashley Cser, who read and did ebook cover art for the entire Wizard in Rhyme series.
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7/12/21 - Previously Unpublished Cover Art!Odd Warlock Out (UK Edition) by Fred Gambino
Although it was ultimately canceled, Fred Gambino did this cover art for the UK edition of the Odd Warlock Out omnibus.
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7/26/21 - Warlock review!First Warlock in Spite of Himself review
The very first review for Warlock in Spite of Himself appeared in IF magazine in 1969 by no less a legend that Lester Del Rey.
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8/15/21 - New Stort Story by Chris!Battlestation cover art
Hearing (part 1 of 2):
In the last of the Globin tales, his Baratarian crew find a life pod, adrift for decades, that contains still-living survivors of a brutal Ichton attack.  From the 1993 anthology Battlestation 2: Vanguard.