8/23/21 - New Short Story Conclusion!Battlestation 2: Vanguard ebook cover art
Hearing (part 2 of 2):
Globin realizes the life pod survivors might hold critical data to defeating the Ichtons -- and don't even realize it.  From the 1993 anthology Battlestation 2: Vanguard.

8/31/21 - New Interior Art!Battle of Breden Plain interior art
This title page illustration for the 1992 Russian edition of Warlock in Spite of Himself depicts the climactic Battle of Breden Plain.
(click for larger image)

9/13/21 - The Forum is finally back up!Check out the updated forum!
After days of repairing and updating, the fan forum is back up and working, with all spam deleted. (click here to visit it!)

9/28/21 - Free Short Story by Chris's Son!Death in the Age of Steam cover art
Beneath the Holy City :
In Jerusalem in 1912, a rabbi attempts to solve a string of grisly murders – and succeeds! But the murderer is not at all who he expected.  From the 2018 anthology Death in the Age of Steam.