10/4/16 - New Warlock Fan Art!Ari the Crafter fan art by Hannah Shapero
Hannah "Pyracantha" Shapero drew this sketch of Ari the Crafter, creator of the music-rocks in The Warlock Rock.  If you notice a resemblance to Jerry Garcia, that's not entirely a coincidence.
(click picture for larger image)

11/30/16 - St. Vidicon reference in Girl Genius?Zeetha the Resistor
In the popular steampunk web comic Girl Genius, the heroine desperately needs a resistor, so she hands the leads to another companion, whose body acts as a resistor and completes the circuit.  Sound familiar?  (click here to read the comic)

12/09/16 - New Rogue Wizard cover art! A Wizard in the Way ebook cover art
Ashley Cser's Wizard in the Way cover is done in a pseudo-traditional-Chinese style.  An evenly-matched Fire-Caster and Ghost-Leader struggle for dominance while Magnus meditates on the Tao.
(click picture for larger image)

1/08/17 - New Wizard in Rhyme cover art! The Feline Wizard ebook cover art
Ashley Cser's Feline Wizard cover is done in the style of a medieval map vaguely resembling Central Asia.  Look closely and you'll see places Balkis and Anthony travel through on their way to Maracanda.
(click picture for larger image)