Meet the artists behind the covers of Stasheff's books.

Warlock of Gramarye cover artists Stephen Hickman (with Fess)

Stephen Hickman has drawn more cover art for Christopher Stasheff than any other artist -- 10 covers over 15 years (1978-1992).  Most of his cover artwork has been for the Warlock series, including the first eight books.  It was Hickman who first designed Fess as the black robotic horse we all know and love, and it quickly became the iconic symbol of the Warlock series, Gramarye, and Stasheff's writing.

For more of his artwork, visit Stephen Hickman's website.

The ISFDB also maintains a databse of Hickman's cover art.

Wizard in Rhyme cover artist Darrell Sweet (with Stegoman)

Christopher Stasheff has been fortunate enough to have Darrell Sweet as a regular cover artist for his novels over nine years.  With a total of seven book covers under his belt (second only to Stephen Hickman), Sweet deisgned the cover art for the first four Wizard in Rhyme novels, as well as two of the Rogue Wizard covers.

You can see more of his artwork at the Wayback Machine's archive of Darrell Sweet's website.

The ISFDB also maintains a databse of Sweet's cover art.

Starship Troupers cover artist David Mattingly

David Mattingly is best known as the cover artist for David Weber's Honor Harrington series.  A little known fact is that Christopher Stasheff had the honor of being David Mattingly's first sale of cover art for A Wizard in Bedlam in 1980 (a fantastic cover).  Ten years later, David Mattinly did the cover art for all three Starship Troupers novels (US editions).

You can see more of his artwork at David Mattingly's website.

The ISFDB also maintains a databse of Mattingly's cover art.

Rogue Wizard cover artist Peter Peebles

Peter Peebles is the artist behind the cover art of six of the ten Rogue Wizard books.  His recurring style has given an artistic continuity to the series' covers. He essentially defined the popular image of Magnus D'Armand as a dark, staff-wielding revolutionary.

The ISFDB maintains a databse of Peter Peebles's cover art.

European cover artist Sanjulian (with Stegoman)

Sanjulian (Manuel Perez Clemente) is Stasheff's artistic ambassador to Europe, designing most of the covers for the British editions of his novels.  This Spanish artist has designed beautiful cover art for all three Wizard in Rhyme books released in England, and the covers for several British editions of the Warlock series.

For more of his artwork, visit Sanjulian's website.

The ISFDB also maintains a databse of Sanjulian's cover art.