Saint Vidicon, G.R.I.P.E., and the Starship Troupers

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Ever since Saint Vidicon & the Cathodean Order first appeared (as a somewhat minor plot point) in The Warlock Unlocked, fans have instantly loved this fictional Catholic saint who fights against Finnagle, the Imp of the Perverse, and Murphy's Law by turning perversity back on itself.  Saint Vidicon pops up again and again in fan art, filk songs, and the internet.  Over the years, I accumulated quite a bit of Saint Vidicon fan art, and I'd like to share it with you now.  I hope you find it as clever and ammusing as I do!

If you're a fan of Saint Vidicon, be sure to check out the Online Shrine to Saint Vidicon of Cathode and Saint Isidore of Seville!

Saint Vidicon's Icon by Hannah Shapero Saint Vidicon Prayer Plaque Cathodean Rosary
"Saint Vidicon's Icon"
by Hannah Shapero
Saint Vidicon Prayer Plaque Cathodean Rosary

This oil painting imitates the saint icons of medieval Byzantium.

A fan gave this to me.  It's been hanging in my office ever since.

Made from real burnt-out capacitors!
Saint Vidicon's Ring - side viewSaint Vidicon's Ring - top view Zeetha the Resistor
Brother Bob in Cathodean outfit Brother Bob in monastic outfit
Brother Bob & Heroes
Saint Vidicon's Ring
Designed by Morris McGee
St. Vidicon reference in Girl Genius?
by Phil & Kaja Foglio
Cathodean Monk Costume
by Eleanore Stasheff

Morris McGee, the self-appointed Father-General of the Cathodean Order, had this ring made.  I later incorporated the ring (and McGee) into the book The Warlock Heretical.

In one installment of the popular steampunk web comic Girl Genius, the heroine desperately needs a resistor.  One of her entourage mentions a similar past event involving "Saint Valo", so the heroine hands the leads to another companion, whose body acts as a resistor and completes the circuit.  Sound familiar?  If it is an homage, I'm flattered!
(click here to read the comic)

My daughter Eleanore made an amateur post-apocalypse TV series, Pandora's Box.  In one episode, the heroes worked with a Cathodean monk, Brother Robert ("Brother Bob").  This was the costume she designed and built for the show.

Saint Vidicon to the Rescue
Christopher Stasheff

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Mind Out of Time
Christopher Stasheff

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A Company of Stars
Christopher Stasheff

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Escape Velocity
Christopher Stasheff

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