What's New in Artwork?

5/1/17 - New Warlock's Heirs Cover Art!A Wizard in Absentia ebook cover art by Ashley Cser
Ashley Cser (who did the Rogue Wizard covers) also did this artwork for Magnus's book in the Warlock's Heirs series.  She tried to capture Magnus's sense of wonder when he arrived at Ceres City, a country boy in the big city for the first time.

2/12/17 - New Warlock Interior Art!The Ragpicker fan art by Hannah Shapero
Hannah "Pyracantha" Shapero drew this sketch of "the Ragpicker," Magnus's hallucinatory antagonist from Warlock and Son.
(click for larger image)

1/08/17 - New Wizard in Rhyme cover art! The Feline Wizard ebook cover art
Ashley Cser's Feline Wizard cover is done in the style of a medieval map vaguely resembling Central Asia.  Look closely and you'll see places Balkis and Anthony travel through on their way to Maracanda.
(click picture for larger image)

12/09/16 - New Rogue Wizard cover art! A Wizard in the Way ebook cover art
Ashley Cser's Wizard in the Way cover is done in a pseudo-traditional-Chinese style.  An evenly-matched Fire-Caster and Ghost-Leader struggle for dominance while Magnus meditates on the Tao.
(click picture for larger image)