The Warlock Redrawn

Well, it's more than fan art, but less than cover art... so I guess it goes into the "Miscellaneous" category.

The Japanese editions of the Warlock books have pictures of the major characters inside the jacket covers.  These are from The Warlock in Spite of Himself and The Warlock Enraged (which are the only two Japanese editions I can find at the moment).  If and when I can find more Japanese editions (presumably buried in my house somewhere) with other character pictures, I'll post them here.

Unfortunately, the Japanese translations of the Warlock series didn't go past The Warlock Enraged, so the manga pictures of the Gallowglass children are of when they're still fairly young.  The ages of the children in the pictures below, I believe, correspond roughly to their ages in The Warlock Unlocked.

Also unfortunately, I don't know what the captions say.  Thanks to my agent, I know that the pictures were presumably drawn by Itino Harumi, who did the cover art for all of the Japanese Warlock books.  If anyone out there can translate the captions for me and email it to , I'd be very grateful.

Finally, I know the scans are fairly poor, and that there are no close-up images.  I'll put it on my to-do list to fix that problem... someday.

Rod Gallowglass, manga style Gwndolyn Gallowglass, manga style Magnus Gallowglass, manga style Cordelia Gallowglass, manga style Geoffrey Gallowglass, manga style
Rod Gwen Magnus Cordelia Geoffrey
Gregory Gallowglass, manga style Fess, manga style Queen Catharine, manga style King Tuan, manga style Brom O'Beron, manga style
Gregory Fess Queen Catharine King Tuan Brom O'Berin