Gramarye Maps

Origional Map of Gramarye
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Origional Map of GramaryeIt took a little riffling through my filing cabinets to find this, but here's a map I drew early in my writing career and sent to my editor.  Unfortunately, we never got the opportunity to include it in one of my books.  Well, now at least it will see the light of day.  This was before the days of Photoshop and digital artwork, so it's all hand-drawn.  Keep in mind that I'm a writer, not an artist, so please be gentle in forming your opinions!
Updated Map of Gramarye
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Updated Map of GramaryeYears after posting the original map of Gramarye on this website, while cleaning my office I stumbled across this more detailed map of Gramarye I forgot I had made.  More geographic features have been labeled, such as the Bay of Roland.  I seem to have changed the Ducat River to the Durucat River, although I can't for the life of me remember if that was an intentional change or a typo.  Apparently I also changed "St. Vidicon's Wall" to "Markone's Wall," although I have no idea why.  I'm sure there was a story behind it, but I'm afraid I don't remember now.  The small island on the east has disappeared, but been replaced by two larger islands to the north and west - but again, I don't remember why I made this change.