Album: Volgacon 1991

VolgaCon Logo (from T-shirt)



The VolgaCon logo from the con T-shirt.  The horse-frog-robot-thingy was the VolgaCon mascot.  It had a name, and a story behind it, but I'm afraid I don't remember the details.

By Chris • Albums: Volgacon 1991

Soviet Samizdat, circa 1989

Illegal Soviet samizdat copy of The Warlock in Spite of Himself


My books were banned in the Soviet Union during the 1970s and 80s (too pro-democracy).  But sci-fi fans are a determined lot.  Illegal, underground hand-typed copies like this were passed from friend to friend for years until the U.S.S.R. was disolved, and my books could be published legally in the new Russia.

By Chris • Albums: Volgacon 1991