1988 Civilians The Fleet Vol. 2: Counter Attack
 1989 Suicide Mission The Fleet Vol. 3: Break Through
 1990 Resistance The Fleet Vol. 4: Sworn Allies
Pirates The Fleet Vol. 5: Total War
How the Rebellion Came to a Shuddering Halt Drabble II: Double Century
The Simulated Golem Time Gate Vol. 2: Dangerous Interfaces
 1991 Orphans The Fleet Book 6: Crisis
Papa Don't 'Low The War Years Vol. 2: The Siege of Arista
The Alchemist and the Witch The Crafters Vol. 1
 1992 Who Ghost There? The Crafters Vol. 2: Blessings & Curses
Goblin's Children Battlestation Vol. 1
Professor Harold and the Trustees The Enchanter Reborn
Sir Harold and the Monkey King The Enchanter Reborn
What Are We Going to Do With Grandfather? The Magic of Christmas: Holiday Stories of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Gordon's Quest The Gods of War
 1993 Hearing Battlestation Vol. 2: Vanguard
Mission of Mercy The Harriers Vol. 2: Blood and War
The Ghost of Resartus Bolos Vol. 1: Honor of the Regiment
 1994 Shared Experience Bolos Vol. 2: The Unconquerable
In the Heavens and On the Earth Dragon's Eye
 1995 Sir Harold and the Hindu King The Exotic Enchanter
Pride and Puppetry The Day the Magic Stopped
 1996 Return with Your Spacesuit, Or On It (with Eleanore Stasheff) Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear
 1998 The Alchemist and the Witch A Magic Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic
 2002 Coronach of the Bell Fantasy: DAW 30th Anniversary
 2003 Mind Out of Time Mind Out of Time
The Warlock's Grandfather Mind Out of Time
The Martyrdom of St. Vidicon of Cathode Mind Out of Time
 2004 The Afterlife of St. Vidicon of Cathode Masters of Fantasy