Random scribblings from my son.

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The story of how Matt Mantrell, Lord High Wizard of Merovence, met his apprentice Ortho, and why Ortho is called "the Frank."

The Phantom Hothouse   (37 pages, 10,960 words)
When a pair of desperate virgins try raising the ghosts of an abandoned brothel, they get far more than they bargained for.
NOTE: Although there's nothing explicit, there ARE a lot of sexual references and language in this story, so it may not be appropriate for young or sensitive readers.

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Predatory Practices cover art PREDATORY PRACTICES
Set in Marcus Johnston's Tech Infantry universe, six months after the events of Prayer for the Technocrats, a hyper-capitalistic floating alien cat fights to keep his species independent of human rule, get the girl, and make some cash on the side in this sci-fi comedy/adventure/romance.

Little Eddie's Quest for Sage   (16 pages, 2,989 words)
My son Edward wrote this amusing story (originally for his blog) based on a real-life day trip he and I made to the oasis outside Portales, New Mexico.  He took a few liberties with reality.  Okay, a lot of liberties.  So many that if he took any more, he'd have an entire Constitution.

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Predatory Practices
Edward Stasheff

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Prayer for the Technocrats cover art
Prayer for the Technocrats
by Marcus Johnston
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