sorry, nothing this week...

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sorry, nothing this week...

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Sorry guys. We were supposed to release the Her Majesty's Wizard eBook this week... but I didn't realize how much lag time there was between submitting an ebook and having appear on the website. Amazon and Barnes & Noble have both been "processing" the ebook for two days now. Funny, Uncle Merl's Bar & Grill didn't take this long...

I kept thinking, "one more day, and I can post this week's new content on the site..." Only now it's nearly Friday and the ebook STILL isn't ready for purchase. At this point, it's so late in the week, I figure I'll just wait until next Monday - or, who knows, maybe earlier, over the weekend sometime.

Sorry for the delay. Hopefully the wait will be worth it, though... the ebook has a new introduction by Chris, and all new cover art.
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