"Stealing Time" on hiatus

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"Stealing Time" on hiatus

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To my readers,

I've finished showing you all I have finished of STEALING TIME. My son wasn't able to recover any files from the second floppy disk, but that's okay; the rest of the novel needed a major rewrite anyway. Some of your comments have helped a lot, so please keep them coming!

I'll start posting some other novels that are in progress. Currently I'll go with THE FOG AND THE GROG, which I've already finished but need to edit as I go. Comment, critiques, and suggestions are always welcome. kf6eml has already provided me with an excellent suggestion for the character Ned.

We have, alas, also finished giving you Peter D'Alessio's UNCLE MERL'S BAR AND GRILL, but Mr. D'Alessio has kindly agreed to let us see part of his next novel, THE GLASS MARINES. I think you'll enjoy it, especially those of you who are or have ever been in the Armed Forces, even if that service wasn't with the Marines.

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