Another Hiatus

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Another Hiatus

Post by cstasheff »

I hope you’re enjoying The Frog and the Grog, even if the grog hasn’t become terribly prominent yet. I’m afraid I’m going to have to shift to a different novel now – the most important reason for writing is human contact, and sharing my ideas and stories with my readers... but I would like to get paid, too. We’re planning to have my unpublished stories available on the store button in this website eventually, but it will take some time to convert them into e-books.

In the meantime, please be patient and let me know which tales you like and how much, so I know what to work on next (Stealing Time, etc.). I’m going to put in a few more chapters of The Belters’ War, Peter D’Alessio has kindly consented to keep his Glass Marines going, and I’m hoping Ortho will keep the story of his namesake going – I’m getting very curious about whodunit. So please keep this site on your “favorites” list and stay with us – it will be worth it eventually.

Thanks for your patience, kind readers.
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Re: Another Hiatus

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Us? Forgive you for taking time to write? Dude... write away!
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Re: Another Hiatus

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If you haven't noticed already, we haven't had anything new from Chris in a week or so. He's taking a month off to focus on getting one of the manuscripts ready for eBook publication (not sure yet if it'll be Stealing Time, Frog & Grog, or Belter's War).

Until then, we've got Fan Fic and Friend Fic... I hope we can keep you amused until Chris returns!
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