Large gap since last read

The Warlock, the Warlock's Heirs, and the Rogue Wizard.
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Large gap since last read

Post by kapeman »

I had lost my copy of The Warlock in Spite of Himself and recently found it at the library. I was able to locate The Warlock Unlocked and The Warlock Enraged, but have yet to find my copy of King Kobold Revived.

Having said that I have a question. It has been a long time since reading this series, but it seems like there is a lot missing if you go from Spite to Unlocked, e.g, Rod's reconciliation with the Crown and the reference to Magnus thwarting the bad guys at age two.

Do I need to read Kobold before Unlocked?
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Re: Large gap since last read

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You don't HAVE to, of course, as the events in Kobold don't affect the events in rest of the series too much. That said, it's worth a read. I personally enjoyed it, if no other other reason than I enjoy the Yorick character. There's also the occasional reference to "Beastland" throughout the rest of the series, but you won't know what that is unless you've read Kobold.
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Re: Large gap since last read

Post by aeneas »

Hey kapeman

King Kolbold Revived does indeed deal with Rod's reconciliation with the crown and Magnus' early besting of villains. I recommend it highly, but then I'm biased. It was the first Stasheff book I read, and I've never been the same since!
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