Do you travel by public transport instead of car??

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Do you travel by public transport instead of car??

Postby thompson » Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:42 pm


Do you guys travel by public transport ever, when you could take your car??
The reason I am starting this thread is because there are so many posters/fliers stuck on walls etc asking people to travel by public transport instead of car.
Before I used to drive, I had to catch the bus everyday to work and it cost £2.40 return for 4 miles.
I think that is ridiculous. No wonder why so many 17 year olds still preetend they are 15 to get half fare.
Also when I used to travel to London by train it used to cost £13.50 return for 60 miles altogether and when on the train, there would mostly be rubbish on the seats or the whole carriage smelt if you were unfortunate enough to be in the same one where the puclic lavatory was located.
On many occasions I had to stand up throughout the whole 30-45 min journey and it was jam packed and stuffy etc etc.
I now undetand why so many people never ever want to help the environment by travelling on public transport because it is just so uncomfortable, and sometimes scary(on some busses) and I dont think that people will start travelling on public transport unless they live in the city because its just not nice enough.
What are everyones views on public transport???

Please help.

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