PUBG Mobile Lite Becomes the Top Free Game on Playstore

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PUBG Mobile Lite Becomes the Top Free Game on Playstore

Postby mmoamcom » Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:37 am

PUBG Mobile UC The developers of PUBG Mobile Lite launched the game in India last month. Developers at Tencent Games have launched this new version for players with entry-level devices in mind. It is optimized for low-end smartphone devices with a lower RAM to offer an uncompromising gameplay experience. Devs mentioned the Winner Pass will be coming to the game at launch and now it has gone live. The game is only 400MB and built for devices having less than 2GB RAM claim the developers.

Thus Tencent decided to release a lighter version of PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile Lite. This game runs smoothly even on a device having 2GB RAM. Although PUBG Lite Mobile is a toned-down version of PUBG Mobile yet no compromise has been made in the gameplay experience. At present PUBG Mobile Lite is available only for android devices.

And now in a new report from The Indian Express the PUBG Mobile Lite team has confirmed that it requires a minimum of 786MB RAM to run. This means that players with 1GB RAM will also be able to play the game. Built with Unreal Engine 4 this version of PUBG Mobile is compatible with even more devices out there. PUBG Mobile Lite features a smaller map made for 60 players. This will make for faster-paced games that last 10 minutes.

In PUBG LITE Mobile one server consists of 60 players and the map is smaller than the original one (2X2). At present Erangel is the only PUBG map available in Classic Mode. Further in the Arcade section PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds UC only war mode is available as of now and players can unlock this mode once a player reaches level 10. PUBG Mobile Lite also has "Winner Pass" which is same as the "Royale Pass" in PUBG Mobile.

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