Warlocks & wrinkling time:a question about Madeleine L'engle

The Warlock, the Warlock's Heirs, and the Rogue Wizard.
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Warlocks & wrinkling time:a question about Madeleine L'engle

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Mr. Stasheff,
I've been curious for a long time if you were of fan of Madeleine L'engle's science fiction. While she gives a slightly more spiritual spin to her characters' special abilities, I've also thought her fictional universe and yours fit well together. Both of your stories have charactes who can literally wrinkle space and time with their minds and communicate telepathically. The themes in her story also have to do with establishing better communication between different parties to create a more peaceful world. Anyway, just curious.
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Re: Warlocks & wrinkling time:a question about Madeleine L'e

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I've only read A WRINKLE IN TIME, Aneas, but I enjoyed it very much and was gld my kids had brought it home from school. It's an excellent introduction to science fiction and to science itself. I had already started the WARLOCK series when I disovered her stories, but the fact that I liked it so much surely proves we're kindred souls. I believe I read a comment of hers or about her to the effect that kids can understqand a lot more aqbout scientific concepts than we usually give them credit for, so she didn't feel she should stint on advanced concepts. That reinforced my determination to do the same. I've aqlso noticed that tendency in Heinlein's juiveniles. Don't talk down to your audience,f whatever age -- dangle an idea in front of them, aqnd they'll rise to it.
Thanks for the note
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