Available as eBook?

The world of the Wizard in Rhyme.
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Re: Available as eBook?

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Sticking my head in from towards the end of 2021, wondering if there are any status updates on the rewrite of Crusading Wizard. Would love to get it in paperback to match the other 7 I recently purchased. Thanks for your time.
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Re: Available as eBook?

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First, thanks for purchasing the paperbacks!

Second, hopefully we can release the updated version of "Crusading Wizard" sometime on 2022. I've gotten sidetracked onto my own literary projects in the last few years, so I'm going to try to spend 2022 converting the rest of my father's novels to ebook, including the updated "Crusading" and maybe even finish "The Apprentice Wizard".

Thanks for poking me. I need a kick the pants every now and then.
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