The world of the Wizard in Rhyme.
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I was just wondering if anyone had a full list of all of the Poems/Poetry that was used through the Wizard in Rhyme series because reading this series got me interested in poetry and I would like to read more of the ones used in it.
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Re: Poetry

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Well, not a full list, but some. In the Wiki on this site, we have a list of annotations for the the following Wizard in Rhyme books:

Her Majesty's Wizard (a little bit)
The Witch Doctor
The Secular Wizard
My Son the Wizard

Go to the Wiki tab, click on "List Entries," then click on "A Wizard in Rhyme," then on the links for the appropriate books. The annotations are toward the bottom.

Good Luck!

P.S. - Yes, I know I need to organize the wiki better. It's on my to-do list after finding a way to keep all the spam off this forum.
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Re: Poetry

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If you'vew become interested in poetry, Alex, may I recommend Noyes' THE BARREL ORGAN, edgar Lee Masters' SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY, Edwin Arlington Robinson's Tilbury Town picesed sprinkled among his other works, Chesteron's LEPANTO, Eliot's THE LOVE SONG OF J. ALFRED PRUFROCK, and... Well, the list goes on. The primary consideration for the Wizard in Rhyme books was, of course, whether or not they were in the public domain.

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