The Crusading Wizard....

The world of the Wizard in Rhyme.
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The Crusading Wizard....

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I am trying to track down a copy of the Crusading Wizard, and so far I have not had much luck (unless I want to pay outrageous prices. 60+ New or 0.01 for used from Amazon. that doesn't sound right)

I used to own it but it was destroyed in a car accident a few years ago. And I have just re-read all the books and will be finishing the haunted wizard soon and don't want to skip it.

Is it available as a digital download anywhere?
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Re: The Crusading Wizard....

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Ooh, I'm afraid not (or at least, not yet). I'm still working on converting "My Son the Wizard" to ebook form, so I'm still two ebooks away from "Crusading". I can check with Chris to see if he has a spare copy, though.
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