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The world of the Wizard in Rhyme.
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Audio books

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Do you think there is any chance any of the Wizard in Rhyme books will be turned into audio, like for
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Re: Audio books

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Sadly, there are no plans for any more audiobooks to be recorded and distributed on Audible. :(

However, I believe the Wizard in Rhyme books were recorded back in the 90s for the Books for the Blind audiobook network. Unfortunately, they are not available for sale anywhere - at least, not as far as I'm aware of. If anyone know of a place to legally but these online, please let us know!

Fortunately, I understand that digital MP3 rips of the old cassette tapes do exist somewhere on the internet on file-sharing sites and whatnot (I stumble across them from time to time), but I couldn't say just where for sure, and certainly can't vouch for the quality or safety of such files - i.e., download at your own risk.

Good Luck and Happy hunting!
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