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The Starship Troupers, St. Vidicon, and G.R.I.P.E.
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Forlorn Fan

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I am reading my treasured three paperbacks of Starship Troupers yet again. I'm not sure how many times over the last twenty-odd years I have fled Earth one step ahead of Elector Rudders, reveled in Ramou's first opening night in the Scottish play, and gleefully outwitted the deacons of Citadel.

I bought all three books back in the early 1990's when they were first published in paperback, astonished and delighted to find a science fiction series based on theater, and I have loved them ever since. I'm not a "read it once then get rid of it" type of person. If a book captures me, it goes onto my permanent re-read list, and boy have these been re-read!

I am posting this, I suppose, because I still have hope, despite all the years that have passed, that I will one day come to find that the story has been continued, and that I will at last learn what happens to our troupe of strolling players. What happens on the next planet they come to? Who is the man in the gray complet? What will become of Prudence? I long to know.

I know an author can't simply wave a wand and instantly produce a finished book, and that if the impetus to continue isn't there, it would be foolish to try. Yet I still have hope that one day the story, one of my favorites over so many years, will eventually go on.

At any rate, I'm grateful to have what I've got. I may not know what happens next, but the story, incomplete though it is, is still a ride worth taking!

Time now to once again begin A Slight Detour...

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Re: Forlorn Fan

Post by kf6eml »

You're in luck!

Poke around in the archives on the site, and you will find the ending to the story.

You'll find a few other good stories as well.
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Re: Forlorn Fan

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To find it, click on the Fiction Tab above, then in the left-hand menu click on "New Fiction", then "DDT-verse". You'll find the rough draft of the fourth Starship Troupers book there.

Enjoy! And remember, feedback is always appreciated!
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