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FIFA 20 brings back FIFA Street

PostedCOLON Tue Jul 02, 2019 6:40 am
by mmoamcom
FIFA 19 Web App Accounts EA has explored seemingly every angle of official soccer (yes football) pitches in the FIFA series so what's left to do? Take it to unofficial pitches of course. The company is releasing FIFA 20 on September 27th for PC PS4 and Xbox One and its centerpiece will be a new Volta league that takes its cue from the streets -- it's really a spiritual successor to the FIFA Street series. You play in much smaller three- to five-person teams with customization that ranges from your players' outfits through to the walls. You can play story and league modes or even throw professional players into the fray.

On the streets players can choose from several matches with alternate rules somewhat reminiscent of the House Rules options players could give matches in FIFA 19. Modes include 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 matches with no keepers 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 with keepers and professional futsal (played on hard courts with a smaller ball and five players a side). Pitches and courts will be of varying sizes in different locations around the world.

Regardless of what mode you play you should see some gameplay improvements. An "authentic game flow" promises better awareness of "time space and positioning," while there's more control over Decisive Moments and improved ball physics. EA is likely to go over more details at its Play event in LA today at 2PM ET. Many details won't be available until the summer cheap FIFA 19 Account though so it's not certain that we'll hear about what's happening with The Journey and other game mechanics.

The player personalization and persistent online environment broadly resembles the overwhelming success NBA 2K has found with MyCareer on this console generation. It’s also been incredibly profitable for parent company Take-Two Interactive in terms of the microtransactions thrown off in blinging out characters though NBA 2K has been long criticized for how its virtual currency figures into player attributes and progression.

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