Fan Fiction? Well, maybe.

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Fan Fiction? Well, maybe.

Postby Batchman » Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:27 am

Though I am a writer (not professionally published), I have never written a single bit of fan fiction. I have thought about it once in a very rare while, but never actually written any.

With an author who actually approves, however, I will keep my eyes open for short story ideas taking place in the world of the Gallowglasses. Might get me back into writing.

Wrote several sci-fi / fantasy short stories a few years ago that I found interesting, my friends found interesting, but the magazine publishers just absolutely did NOT. The rejection letters eventually killed my writing interest for a time.

While I do not currently have any fan fiction to share, if there were any interest, I would be willing to share a sf short story or two ... or some of my humorous sf/fantasy poetry aimed at a younger audience.

Otherwise, I'll just keep my mind open for interesting short story possibilities, and maybe try and hunt down a few more Stasheff books to reread, to prime the pump. (Unfortunately, the majority of my Stasheff collection is in storage in California.)

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