Open call for Fan Fiction!

Review and discuss fan fiction short stories.
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Open call for Fan Fiction!

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If you’re enjoying what I’m writing, O gentle readers, you might want to check out “Chris’s Friends.” These are stories that I’ve asked friends to write because I liked their styles and senses of humor. Their pieces don’t have to be part of any of my universes – for example, Peter D’Alessio’s Uncle Merl’s Bar and Grill takes place in Newark, a world unto itself, but have frequent commentary on historical events from a unique point of view.

For those of you who would like to try your hand at storytelling, you’re welcome to submit fan fiction, but please be warned that I may not ask the webmaster to post them – it will depend on my tastes. You’ll probably find it more effective to use my minor characters as major ones, just as Rozencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead tells the story of Hamlet through the eyes of two very minor characters—or at least the offstage events. Hopefully, this kind of writing will lead you to original stories that are all your own.

For story ideas, you may want to check out the wiki. It’s slowly growing, and occasionally mentions bits and pieces of my universes that lack detail and have plenty of room to be fleshed out. In A Wizard in Rhyme, what’s going on in Ireland? Or Scotland? Or even Africa? On Gramarye, whatever became of Beastland? What do GRIPE time agents do if they get stranded in the past? You get the idea…

Whether the stories are yours or mine, enjoy! That, after all, is the main reason for writing.
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