Gwen's story

The Warlock, the Warlock's Heirs, and the Rogue Wizard.
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Gwen's story

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I just finished reading Warlocks last ride, and I feel like I am not ready to say goodbye to Gwen. Do you think the author has put any thought into a novel with Gwen as the central character from early years up to her behind the scenes from when she met Rod?

Anyone else want this?
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Re: Gwen's story

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Hmm. To the best of my knowledge, Chris has never written a prequel for Gwen, although that does sound interesting, now that you mention it. Back i the 80s, though, he did have a book planned from Gwen's perspective called "The Warlock Walks Out" where Rod and Gwen separate for a while due to marriage problems. Gwen then has to simultaneous handle taking care of four children, trying to save her marriage, and save Gramarye from another Futurian takeover attempt.

In the end, though, I think either his agent or his editor nixed the idea, saying the story was too much of a depressing downer. Ironically, that kind of book today would probably be well received. Perhaps the concept was just ahead of its time. :(
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