What's New This Week?

5/12/17 - A Wizard in Absentia ebook available! A Wizard in Absentia ebook cover art
The first novel of the Warlock's Heirs series (and the prequel to the Rogue Wizard series) has been released with a new introduction by Chris and new cover art by Ashley Cser!
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5/1/17 - New Warlock's Heirs Cover Art!A Wizard in Absentia ebook cover art by Ashley Cser
Ashley Cser (who did the Rogue Wizard covers) also did this artwork for Magnus's book in the Warlock's Heirs series.  She tried to capture Magnus's sense of wonder when he arrived at Ceres City, a country boy in the big city for the first time.  The ebook should be coming out next week!

What's Popular?

Revised Crusading Wizard sneak preview!
The ebook version of Crusading Wizard will be a "revised and expanded" edition with many new scenes, including the fierce Battle of Jerusalem.  In this excerpt Matt arrives in the Holy City, realizes how desperate the siege has become, but has good news for Tafas bin Daoud, the Arabs' commander.

Christopher Stasheff's UPDATED Map of Gramarye! Updated Map of Gramarye
While cleaning my office, I stumbled across this more detailed map of Gramarye I forgot I made.  Apparently I changed "St. Vidicon's Wall" to "Markone's Wall," although I have no idea why.  I'm sure there was a story behind it, but I'm afraid I don't remember now.
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