What's New This Week?

11/6/17 - New Warlock's Heirs Cover Art!M'Lady Witch ebook cover art by Hannah Shapero
Pyracantha (Hannah Shapero), who did many of the Warlock ebook covers, did this cover art for M'Lady Witch, Cordelia's romance novel in the Warlock's Heirs series.  Cordelia is refusing Alain's offer of limp daffodils, which can be interpreted various ways.  You can see more of Pyracantha's work at her sketch blog.

10/25/17 - WHERE THE $%&# HAVE WE BEEN?!
The site's been dead for six months.  The blog explains why.

Support the Corporate Cthulhu Kickstarter!

Thanks to all of Chris's fans - and there were many! - who donated to his son's Kickstarter, and emailed Chris with wishes to get well soon.  The ebook should be available by Christmas, and the paperback by January.