Drinking With the Warlock's Son

Lyrics copyright © 1996 Mary Bertke


NOTE: This was begun before Stasheff came out with Quicksilver's Knight, so it's nowhere near what actually happened… same type of woman, though.


When I was but a young lass, my age scare seventeen,

The men around all called my face the fairest to be seen.

My father's eyes shone bright with greed, he told me I should wed,

and take old miser Hagendaas into my lonely bed.


The next day when I went to town, I happened, on my way,

to step inside a tailor shop and dressed in men's array.

Before the night grew dark and dim, an inn and alehouse found,

'twas there that Geoffrey Gallowglass first ordered me a round.


        Out drinking with the Warlock's son, the first day that we met,

        such a roaring, ruckus time, me boys, I never will forget.


I asked if servants did he need, as I was up for hire,

my food, my clothing, and a bed, the wages I require.

I longed for bold adventure as I knew him like to find--

He grinned and said he'd mounts to tend and riding boots to shine.


At dawn the next day we went out, adventure on our minds,

a black knight and a dragon were the trials we did find.

As evening fell upon us, a village we drew near,

we repaired into a tavern and ordered up a beer.


        Out drinking with the Warlock's son, the second day we met,

        Such a roaring, ruckus time, me boys, I never will forget.


So passed the next day, and the next, until the month was gone,

Each night I went to bed alone and woke alone at dawn.

And so we rode on happily, adventuring each day,

until a flax-haired, blue-eyed wench for spite me did betray.


He stared at me in wonder when he heard the tale she told,

I told him of my father and his greedy lust for gold.

He placed a ring upon my hand, orange blossoms on my head—

And so 'twas on my "great escape" that I got caught instead!


        Out drinking with the Warlock's son, I never will regret--

        Such a roaring, drunken time, me boys, I never will forget!