Filker Marker Bertke Drinking With the Warlock's Son Filk Song     MP3 button Download the MP3! (3.7 MB)

At Millennicon last weekend, I ran into Mary Bertke, who years ago wrote and preformed a filk song about Geoffray Gallowglass, Drinking With the Warlock's Son.  She was kind enough to sing it for us again at a filk session later that evening, let Ortho record her performance, and provide us with the lyrics!  You can read the lyrics here.

Return With Your Spacesuit, Or On It     MP3 button Download the MP3! (31 minutes, 18 MB)

For Ziplow Sci-Fi Shorts vol. II, Steven Ziplow turned one of my short stories into a radio play—and you can listen to it right here!  In this comedy, a young man is caught in a tug-of-war between his military mother and artistic girlfriend (and he's the rope).  Can he find a way to escape their war to control him—and control his own life instead?

This story was co-written with my daughter Eleanore (meaning she wrote it and I proofread, edited, and stuck my name on it) for the 1996 sci-fi Mother's Day anthology Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear.
  Ziplow Sci-Fi Shorts vol. II cover art

The Harriers 2: Blood and WarMission of Mercy audio short story     MP3 button Download the MP3! (33 minutes, 16 MB)

The story of a plague relief mission in the midst of a civil war that has unintended consequences for both sides.  From the Harriers 2: Blood and War audiobook versionicon, read by John Michael Morgan.

Masters of Fantasy cover artThe Afterlife of Saint Vidicon audiobook     MP3 button Download the MP3! (89 minutes, 105 MB)

In this excerpt from the 2004 Masters of Fantasy anthology's audiobook version, the Abbot of Gramarye seeks out an unknown legend from Sister Paterna Testa about the founder of their orders, Saint Vidicon.  (1 hour, 29 minutes)

The Glass Marines cover artGlass Marines Radio Commercial     MP3 button Download the MP3! (610 K)

Ortho made this commercial to promote Pete D'Alessio's book The Glass Marines during Pete's radio spot for this year's Alumni Takeover on WMSC.

Uncle Merl's Bar & Grill cover artUncle Merl Radio Commercial     MP3 button Download the MP3! (591 K)

Ortho made this commercial to promote Pete D'Alessio's book Uncle Merl's Bar & Grill during Pete's radio spot on WMSC.

Cathodean Praise Song

When I wrote the lyrics for St. Vidicon's Hymn, they were designed to match the melody of the tradtional church hymn "Old Hundredth" (origionally named for Psalm 100).  Unfortuantely, many readers were unfamilair with this tune, and so weren't able to sing it.  Even worse, they didn't get the joke.

At any rate, Deborah Rorabaugh, creator of Saint Vidicon's Online Shrine has provided a short MIDI of "Old Hundredth" so you can finally hear the tune that the lyrics of St. Vidicon's Hymn were meant to be sung to.

Praise God, from Whom electrons flow!
Praise Him, the source of all we know!
Whose order's in the stellar host!
For in machines, He is the Ghost!