Fess Music Video: ConFESSions of a Robot Horse

My daughter Eleanore (who, incidently, is a professonal video editor with a particular fondness for music montages) made this "Ode to Fess" music video out of Warlock book covers for me as a Christmas gift!  

Download it!

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The video contains book covers by the following artists:
  • A. Likucheva
  • David Bergen
  • Itino Harumi
  • Kinuko Craft
  • Martin Andrews
  • Matt Stawicki
  • M.N. Kalinkina
  • Sanjulian
  • S.M. Glatco
  • Stephen Hickman
  • Walter Velez
  • Zdenka Boušková

The music is "Forgiven" by Common Man Down, a local Cincinnati band my son is a fan of.

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