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Comment from: Jon [Visitor]

My first guess would be a mis-spelling of The Shaman somewhere, at some time, by somebody who didn’t recognize the term, and so got the title wrong.

07/04/10 @ 00:55
Comment from: Christopher Stasheff [Visitor]
Christopher Stasheff

Thanks, Jon. It might give me an idea for a second book – about a Finnish sailor. The Finns, according to legend, could literally whistle up a wind. Captains were very polite to them.

07/13/10 @ 19:04
Comment from: Neil [Visitor]

I thought it might be the Shaman as well, but it has a different ISBN and was published 2 years later…weird.
Amazon has it listed as…
“Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #8,417,590 in Books”

not sure how a book that doesn’t exist made the charts though. lol
It’s listed everywhere though - all currently out of stock of course.

My current thinking is that you wrote this in the future after Doc Angus became your agent.

11/08/10 @ 08:24
Comment from: Brian Pinar [Visitor]
Brian Pinar

The Seaman is a book written by one Jane Yolen in 1997 about sailors aboard a dutch ship in 1663 finding/capturing a creature that is a mix between fish and man. As I’ve never read the book I cannot honestly tell you more about it, or if this is the book alledgedly written by yourself.

Off subject but very intresting to me is your comment about a ghost in the machine. It is my understanding that such is not inaccurate imformation carried on, but rather bits of information from unknown origin that occassionally come together to do rather crazy, and sometimes not so crazy, things to, or within, our machinery. Such as a machine designed to make soles for shoes suddenly spitting out a size it was never designed to make.

12/30/10 @ 21:18
Comment from: Richard Robertson [Visitor]  
Richard Robertson

I found this book listed on Amazon
It attributes it to our beloved writer here. I’d like to snag a copy for no other reason than curiosity.

09/30/12 @ 23:00