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Comment from: Deby Colson [Visitor]
Deby Colson

My favorite book is Escape Velocity and I cannot find it in Ebook form. Would also love more audio books.

05/05/12 @ 17:37
Comment from: Charles Cummings [Visitor]
Charles Cummings

Hi Christopher I am a fan of your wizard in rhyme series and hope you continue it however I know how writing goes,its sometimes like a dance when the music ends and the dance is over. I write thriller, chillers and suspense with a little bit of the supernatural thrown in, I just sent four novels in and am glad to say one was picked up but I didnt know how much was involved in the process. Anyways I also am a big fan of the HP series by JKR because of the kids, we used to read them together, I started writing FF on one of the HPFF sites and my third and final story I realized half way through I added some elements of your world from that series and then knowing what I did added in the last chapter a footnote where that universe is discussed. I did in the authors notes give you credit for being the creative genius behind some of that, of course JKR owns the characters themselves, well those I didnt make up. If your ever up for lazy typing and spelling errors, they dont offer Editors to help you undo those on Fan Fiction sites, I go under the name captain charles, the stories are HP and the Second war, HP and the Quest of Grindelwald, and HP and the Arabian Knightmare. Love your work and look forward to seeing more novels in the future CS, keep us fans dreaming and imaginative.

05/08/12 @ 01:00
Comment from: Craig Ledden [Visitor]
Craig Ledden

Loved this book when I read it years ago. It MUST be made into a movie!!

05/10/12 @ 06:44
Comment from: Mark Smith [Visitor]
Mark Smith

I’ve noticed in your writings as far back as “The Haunted Wizard” a large number of supernatural creatures many of whom I am only familiar with because of a book by Katharine Briggs. Does your research library contain “An Encyclopedia of Fairies?”
Thank you

05/11/12 @ 19:07
Comment from: Steve Houston [Visitor]
Steve Houston

I am glad you wrote it! It is still in the all time top ten of everything I have ever read. And I have read a lot! I miss seeing new things but I see there are some additions to this website so I will look these over. You have earned your retirement. Have fun, but write! Thanks.

06/14/12 @ 11:54
Comment from: Casey [Visitor]

I’m glad you did write the book. I came across _A Wizard in Mind_ completely by chance in my high school book exchange. Then I encountered _The Warlock in Spite of Himself_ in my public library, and from that point on, I read nearly every book you’ve written, and gotten my hands on about two-thirds. Thank you for writing people, not just characters, and thanks for creating memorable places and situations for them to get stuck in. And thanks for the puns, I’m serious. I hope to get my hands on the books I haven’t read, soon.

06/14/12 @ 16:55
Comment from: Peter Wells [Visitor]
Peter Wells

I read your Warlock series years ago. I was surfing www.audible.com and was thrilled to find this book. Please beg them to make more of this series.

08/11/12 @ 20:21
Comment from: Steve Houston [Visitor]
Steve Houston

This is very interesting. I caught some of it, but the most important idea at my first reading, so many years ago, was a lone and lonely man finds himself and love as one. I have yet to find anything, (and I read a lot!) that has said it better.

thanks again for that book.


09/04/12 @ 14:12
Comment from: Christopher Stasheff [Visitor]
Christopher Stasheff

THANK YOU, Ms. Colson. I’m glad to say that Escape Velocity is on Ortho’s list to convert to e-book form and audible.com is negotiating for more audio books. IF EITHER becomes imminent, we’ll post it on this website. Let’s hope they like me as much as you do.

Mr. Cummings, I heartily encourage your writing. I hadn’t known about the HP site. Thanks for letting me know so that I can check it out.

Mr. Ledden, Thank you for your endorsement. I think it should be made into a movie, too. Hope some producer somewhere picks up on it.

Mr. Smith, I have indeed mined Briggs’s Encyclopedia of Fairies extensively. Alas, I have now used every faerie creature she mentions. I’m going to have to search for other mythologies.

Oh, I’ll keep writing, Mr. Houston, and I’ll TRY to make them live up to your expectations. Ortho has serialized two books on this site and snippets from a third; just use the arrow in the lower left-hand corner of this site’s main page to find them. Hope you enjoy.

Mr. Casey, thank heavens for book exchanges! I patronize one in my grocery store. Every now and then, I find one I’ve been looking for – sometimes one of my own. Thanks for your kind comments.

Mr. Wells, the audible people are thinking of making more of my books. If they don’t, Ortho and Illishar may have me read one, and package it ourselves. Thanks for wanting them.

Mr. Houston, thank you for picking up on the main theme. I think you’re right, but an author doesn’t always know the deeper themes he’s working with – he only knows the story wants to be written. Every now and then, I do some analysis of my own books – but never on the one I’m working on at the time.

10/12/12 @ 11:52