1/25/16 - Crusading Wizard sneak preview # 2!
Matt tackles Jerusalem's critically low water supply while Rabbi Eliyahu gives Matt a tour of the Holy City's magical defenses.  Eruv lines and mezuzahs and GOLEMS, oh my!

2/14/16 - Crusading Wizard sneak preview # 3!
Matt gives Jerusalem's Arab wizards a crash course in the magic of Ahriman's sorcerers, then boards a flying carpet as darkness falls and the battle begins.

4/10/16 - New Stort Story from Pete!
By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Part 3
: Finally, the long-awaited conclusion to the story of werewolf vs. werewolf-hunters!  After surviving a werewolf attack, has the narrator been bitten and become a shapeshifter himself?

8/23/16 - PIRATES (pt 1): New Short by Chris
The man, the myth, the... DEAR GOD, THE NECKTIE!! In memory of David Hartwell
(click image for larger picture of him)

When I heard legendary SFF editor David Heartwell died suddenly in an accident earllier this year, I wanted to post this short story in memory.  I wrote it for the 1990 Fleet: Total War anthology, and poked gentle fun at David for his flamboyant fashion choices in the character of Pirate Captain Goodheart, known and feared throughout the galaxy for his loud neckties.

8/31/16 - New Short Story Conclusion
Pirates, part 2 : As the Khalian pirate band grows, their nemesis, Commander Sales, is closing in fast.