3/26/12 - Warlock Filk Song! (download)
Mary Bertke wrote and sang a filk about Geoffray Gallowglass, Drinking With the Warlock's Son, and kindly let Ortho record her performance at Millennicon!  You can read the lyrics here.

The Glass Marines cover art 5/14/12 - Glass Marines
radio commercial!

Ortho made this advertisement for Pete D'Alessio's WMSC radio spot.  You can download the MP3 here.

11/19/12 - New Warlock Insane Wallpaper!Warlock Insane wallpaper

Ortho meant to have this done by Halloween... but better late than never, right?  Art by Kinuko Craft.

3/19/13 - Afterlife of St. Vidicon audiobook Masters of Fantasy cover art Download it here (89 min, 105 MB)
In an excerpt from the Masters of Fantasy anthology's audiobook version, the Abbot of Gramarye seeks out an unknown legend from Sister Paterna Testa about the founder of their orders, Saint Vidicon.